Play For Peace

Conduct Play for Peace fun and value-based games. These games are non-competitive and inclusive in nature. It is so designed that all the participants turn out to be winners and there are no losers. Acceptance and not rejection forms the basis of these games. These games aim at building positive relationships and address the biases. These games aim to transform individuals from introverts into extroverts and also instil leadership qualities among the participants. We conduct these games among school students, college goers, teachers, inmates of orphanages and underprivileged children. A fun-filled event for orphans and poor children called “Khel Se Mel” is organised annually.

Philanthropy: One of the greatest strengths or pillars of STARS is voluntary service extended by college students. These students donate their precious time and energy to help STARS in achieving its objectives. They are a part and parcel of STARS’ community based initiatives. The ‘ never-say-die spirit and altruistic zeal of these committed youth, especially belonging to NSS and NCC streams of Indian universities, aid in the successful implementation of STARS’ initiatives.

Celebrations of Festivals: STARS regularly celebrates major festivals of India among the inmates of orphanages and underprivileged children.  Diwali, Ramzan (Iftaar Party and Eid), Christmas and Raksha Bandhan are some of the main festivals celebrated with great joy gaiety. School and college students are made to commemorate Raksha Bandhan with a spirit of camaraderie and they joyfully tie rakhis to orphans, poor children and also to prisoners in jails of Hyderabad under the supervision of STARS.